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How to Add Google Sitelinks Search Box in your Website

Few Month Ago Google Introduce Site links  Search Box For their User and Web is very helpful like if we find some video on YouTube when we search YouTube in search engine we find a search box and we easily find our content.Search box make very easier for users to reach specific content on site, directly through your own site-search is very awesome site-links search box Continue reading

How to Add a PayPal Donate Button in Your WordPress Blog

Paypal is very famous funds and money transfer company. Mostly every internet users have Paypal account.we use Paypal for transfer money to another it is safe way and this post we know How to Add a PayPal Donate Button in Your WordPress every shopping and eCommerce website have Paypal button but some other people who have not eCommerce site add but and the want to add button for donation some other reason. Continue reading


How to Detect AdBlock Users in WordPress Blogs

Ad block is Google chrome extensions Which have remove Ads on blog in Search block Hidden Ads in browser.every blogger want to Detect AdBlock Users in WordPress. adblock extensions is not good For blogger Because adblock down Blogger ad revenues.people use adblock for hidden  ad and it is not good for this post you learn How to Detect AdBlock Users on WordPress Blogs and improve your ad revenues. Continue reading


How To Make Phone Calls Online Using Your Gmail Account

Gmail is very famous and Email feature of Google People use Gmail account and Receive mail and Sent other people and some other email services is most use and best and fast in all world people trust and use Google and Gmail.Gmail allow to their user to make online phone Calls With your friends.on August 2010 Google Introduce Gmail hangout Feature and it is awesome this post you learn how to make Call with gmail easily. Continue reading