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How To Make Your Facebook Profile Picture Unclickable Or Private

Facebook is Most popular and active Social Media.Million of active visitor active on Facebook.Mostly Many People Like these thing the don’t want anyone other Facebook user download their Photo and see many photo which will be show only like a logo.we don’t download them and see. Because they use privacy.Specially girls who don’t want to get downloaded their profile picture by the users on Facebook Continue reading


How to Be More Productive on Social Media {Infographics}

We use Social media for chat and other media also help us in our business.we can improve our business with social media.we are on social media 3.6 hour every day.we can drive good traffice from social media if we spend 3.6 hour every day.Share your post on social media Facebook,Twitter,Google+.other social this infographics you know more about social media. Continue reading

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