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How to Add a PayPal Donate Button in Your WordPress Blog

Paypal is very famous funds and money transfer company. Mostly every internet users have Paypal account.we use Paypal for transfer money to another it is safe way and this post we know How to Add a PayPal Donate Button in Your WordPress every shopping and eCommerce website have Paypal button but some other people who have not eCommerce site add but and the want to add button for donation some other reason. Continue reading


How to Detect AdBlock Users in WordPress Blogs

Ad block is Google chrome extensions Which have remove Ads on blog in Search block Hidden Ads in browser.every blogger want to Detect AdBlock Users in WordPress. adblock extensions is not good For blogger Because adblock down Blogger ad revenues.people use adblock for hidden  ad and it is not good for this post you learn How to Detect AdBlock Users on WordPress Blogs and improve your ad revenues. Continue reading

How to Find Your WordPress Login URL

WordPress Beginners not know to login in our blog WordPress Dashboard .New WordPress user not know about login page or URL it is easy in this post you learn how to find easy WordPress login page.after install WordPress  in c panel receive email and get login page URL if you know WordPress is most famous and popular Platform. Continue reading


How To Schedule Posts in Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is Awesome Platform and feature is also Awesome.Blogger and  other people use WordPress platform for make blog and site but a lot of short time and some other issue the have not able to publish post on time many other problem face. if our blog is good our reader need post on time when we share our post mean on Schedule it is help us to increase our blog traffic and some other things it is good.we go outside on vacation and other problem some guest come home we will not post we know guest will come we write post and share it on schedule you update you blog daily it is awesome feature in word press. Continue reading

28 Inspirational WordPress Plugins For Blogger

We Start work on WordPress after install WordPress We Need Some WordPress Plugin to make our website Effective and Fast and Secure many Important thing we need to Handle our blog.Website Mangement is very Simple and important we Need Something for To make our blog best and SEO.A lot of Plugin in WordPress we use some Plugin and Important For Our Blog. Continue reading

How To Enable Comments Box in WordPress Blog

Comments is an important thing in Blog or website we get back link through comments People use Comments fro back link so it is important comments increase your blog polarity. Sometimes New Blogger worried about comments Comments will not show after Post .sometime blog theme problems and sometimes setting Mostly setting problem.Reader share their opinion via comments so it is very compulsory to enable comments.
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