WWW vs non-WWW for Your Domain URL Which is Better For Blog Spot/WordPress SEO?

Difference between www vs non-www in site URLs is very Simple ?.Www is Better For Me Because i am Use it.few organizations publish their URL with a preceding www. People understand that Google.com, Facebook.com, Twitter.com other websites.As for me, I use the www because that’s what google uses.www.domain.com is a sub domain of domain.com, so if your site can be access through both, search engines view these as two different pages and possibly split rankings.you understand the difference between www vs non-www and which one is better for WordPress SEO.

WWW Is Recommended Than Non-WWW URL Version

In other words, DO NOT change your site URL to add or remove www from it.Google’s product don’t prefer non-WWW. And they prefer the actual version that opens in the browser should be WWW. For it is a World Wide Web, and all the technology giants: Google, Blogger, Facebook, MSN, Bing, and Yahoo use WWW as the actual version of their website.

Google Webmaster tools allow you to set your preferred domain https://www.Google.com or http://Google.com

Ability to restrict cookies when using multiple subdomains
WWW actually MEANS something
More flexibility with DNS.

Many Site Like This you Can see Here


How To Setup a Domain in Google Console

Open your Blogger.com and your Blog Go to Setting.
Sign into account Google you
Then open the Webmaster Tools Google
Click your site
Click on the Gear icon in the top right corner of your screenWWW vs non-WWW for Your Domain URL

Now you Can Choose What type of URL you want after choosing Click on Save Option.WWW vs non-WWW for Your Domain URL

I personally say to prefer to use the WWW.it is Best For you and Search engine.

Bilal Tahir Khan